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Welcome to Julie Tebben, CNP, a functional medicine clinic for women!  We are taking appointments via the online scheduling link.  Please take a moment to review the office policies under the Questionnaire tab on the right.  


New patient appointments are 90 minutes in length.  This is to allow for a very complete history and a targeted exam as well as discussion and planning for further testing and recommendations as indicated.  Due to the amount of time set aside for this consultation we require a $60 non-refundable deposit to confirm this appointment.  Please provide a valid credit card under the "Invoices and Payment" tab of the portal before scheduling to avoid delay in confirming your appointment. The deposit will be deducted from your balance at the end of the initial consultation.  If the appointment is rescheduled within the 24 hour cancellation window or cancelled, the deposit will be forfeited.   


First follow up visits are scheduled for 60 minutes to review initial testing, discuss initial recommendations, complete a nutritional exam as indicated, and create a longer term plan. 


All consultations are based on the hourly rate of $260 per hour.  

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